The Global Intelligence Agency has been around since 1947, when it was officially ratified into the Hall of Records. It was always the covert governing body of every Military and Intelligence Agency in the world. The former heads of the G.I.A. did not operate with the best interests of the population in mind. In fact, they contributed to much of the chaos that the world has been subjected to for the past 70 years, moving Governments, Military, and Agencies like Chess pieces in a game to achieve the goals of the former Elite Criminal Hierarchy.

One of the biggest challenges in creating a better world is facing the reality of what’s happened before us. Extreme secrecy, propaganda, and ignorance have helped to create wars and conflicts for power, control, and resources by creating the false perception of scarcity, division, and fear. The challenges we face now are how to create a Sovereign Collective that enables people to be unique as individuals, operate safely, and realize we’re part of a larger group where in everyone must play their part for the whole to thrive.

To accomplish this goal the Global Intelligence Agency was dissolved and reestablished as a brand new entity with the strict charge to protect all life on the planet. This required that everything influenced and tainted by the former control structure had to be changed or removed completely. The Military and Intelligence Agencies throughout the world have been given the option to cooperate with us or have their funding, authority, and resources removed. The fact is that we have always lived in a “War System” designed to keep us in a stagnant state, constantly rebuilding and always on guard for the next attack. It’s a mentality that’s even been programmed into our religious texts, warning that when “they cry peace and safety, sudden destruction will come upon them.” The purpose was to keep the people weak, blinded, and controlled. To divide and conquer has been a tactic used on the masses to cause us to destroy each other while our real enemy conspired to play the role of the savior.

Life Force Enforcement is an elite Military force that has been ratified as the only Military force on the planet currently authorized to take action to protect the inhabitants of the Earth. They are part of the Global Intelligence Agency and together they are the only Law Enforcement currently operating according to the laws of the land. Life Force Enforcement prevented the United States from being attacked by Chinese Military forces in 2020 by eliminating their battleships in the Panama Canal and in Antigua, prevented a Global disaster by disarming nuclear weapons that were set to explode along the tectonic plates, and stopped the Order of the Black Sun from starting a war in the Middle east by eliminating missile strikes in flight before they hit their targets. They use frequency weapons that are far superior to any other weapon technology that exists on the planet.

In the coming months and years it will be essential to create and maintain security forces that ensure the Restoration Plan is executed in a safe and timely manner. The Global Intelligence Agency has already been established in every country in the world as the sole body of Law Enforcement. We are currently working to create a new standard for Ground Forces and will begin hiring full time Law Enforcement on the local community level in the coming weeks. The current plan is to establish Peace Forces that hold the highest level security clearance of any Agency or Department currently in operation. Our Enforcement Units will hire trained Police Officers, Marshals, and Agents at a 30% increase to their highest pay received. In addition, we will honor their Pensions, time served, and rank achieved for leaving their current positions.

Most people who have served in the Military or in Law Enforcement wanted to have an honorable career helping people. Unfortunately, most have been used to wage wars, or maintain the status quo at the expense of the people. This is the opportunity for every member of the Military and Law Enforcement to make an honest living with a higher pay, doing what they always wanted to do in the first place. Apply today at GlobalIntelligence.Agency